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Frequently Asked Question

I have to apply for Duplicate Copies of Mark sheet/s and/or Diploma Certificate and/or verification of mark sheet/s, Diploma Certificate, How to apply?

Visit website http://msbte.org.in (English) (36 kb) pdf where the prescribed form and fees and documents required are given.

Where can I get the copy of examination regulations?
Where can I get sample question papers?

Visit website Question paper search

Status of my result is RHR/+RHR, what should I do to get the result?

Contact your Institute. Your result status is as above either

  • for want of some information regarding your enrolment no., seat no. , marks of continuous assessment, practical or term work marks or marks in theory paper/s
  • Or there may be some enquiry pending against you.
  • Or you may not be eligible to appear for examination.
Status of my result is WFLS/WFLY, what should I do to get the result?

It means you are passed in final semester/year, but your lower semester/s or year/s may be pending. If you have passed all previous semesters/years, contact Institute with mark sheets and submit application on plain paper to declare your result of final semester/s or year/s ( as applicable).

I have passed Diploma, when can I get Diploma Certificate?

Diploma Certificates are issued after completion of process of reassessment, the information of the students whose certificates are issued to Institute through Regional Offices, is displayed on web site. Till then provisional certificates are hold good.

I want a photocopy of my answer books, how can I get it?

After result is declared, the schedule for applying for obtaining Photocopy of assessed answer book/s is declared on web site. You have to apply within schedule only. Online application process has been developed. You can obtain photocopies of maximum two theory subjects only.

How can I apply for reassessment?

After result is declared, the schedule for applying for reassessment is displayed on web site. You have to apply within the schedule only. You can apply for reassessment of maximum.TWO theory subjects only of which photocopies have been obtained.

Where can I get the notification regarding procedure and fees of obtaining PHOTOCOPY of answer books and applying for REASSESSMENT?
What name shall be printed on my mark sheet and Certificate?

You may be admitted to any Diploma Course at any level. Your exact name appearing in SSC certificate shall exactly appear in your mark sheet and Certificate.

I am married; I want to change my name in mark sheet and certificate?

If you are married after the last examination of Diploma, no change in name shall be made. If you are married during course of your studies and apply immediately, the new name shall appear on backside of mark sheets and certificate duly signed by the authority.

My result status at first semester is “Fail”, am I eligible for admission to second semester?

The eligible students studying in All ODD semesters i.e. First, Third and fifth are allowed to continue in corresponding EVEN semesters i.e. second. Fourth and sixth provided they are eligible as per regulation RG4D irrespective of status of result whether Passed, ATKT or Failed.

My result status at second semester is “Fail”, am I eligible for admission to Third semester?

Result status in the mark sheet of E schemes is independent status of that particular semester. Eligibility for next odd semester i.e. Third here is dependent on combined count of failure subjects in both semesters first and second. Number of failure subjects allowed to avail the facility of ATKT( to be eligible to next semester) is printed on mark sheet. If you are failed in equal to or not more than total allowable count of failure subjects together in BOTH semesters, you are eligible to admission to Third semester.

My result status of Fourth semester is Fail Lsp? Am I eligible for admission to Fifth semester?

Lsp means your lower semester is pending, means you are failed in one or more subject/s in either first or second or both semesters. You are then not eligible to admission for fifth semester irrespective of your result status at fourth semester as fail or pass or ATKT. If you are passed in both semesters first and second, get your result status corrected, removing Lsp remark, contacting your Institute. Mistakenly if Lspremark do not appear on mark sheet of fourth semester but you are failed as above in first and/ or second semester, you are not eligible to admission to fifth semester, again contact your Institute to get the remark. In case your result status at Fourth semester is “Fail or Pass or ATKT”, (without any suffix like Lsp), eligibility for admission to fifth semester should be checked counting failure subjects together in Third and Fourth Semester both to avail benefit of ATKT.

My result status at Sixth Semester i. e. final semester is WFLS/WFLY, Can I get mark sheet?

WFLY/WFLS means your result of final semester/year is withhold as you are not passed in either lower semester/s, year. You can see marks in gazette of Institute but cannot get the mark sheet.

My result status is RHR/WFLY/WFLS, can I apply for verification, photocopy and reassessment?

Yes, normally marks are printed in Institute’s gazette, referring which you can certainly apply. Rather you have to apply if you so desire because you shall not get any extension for the reason that you are not receipt of your result/mark sheet. However if theory marks of any subject are not printed in Gazette, get your marks from Board applying through Institute only within the schedule given for application for verification, photocopy and reassessment.

What is the rule of ATKT?

If a student fails in not more than 1/3 (ONE THIRD) subjects, his result status is ATKT. These subjects are passing heads, for which minimum passing marks are to be obtained. Sessional is not passing head, as there is no condition of minimum marks to be obtained to pass. ( Minimum marks are “00”). Thus if there are seven subjects to pass, maximum number of failure subjects allowed to avail ATKT status is 7/3=2. Means a student should pass in FIVE subjects minimum.( Refer Examination regulation RG-2D).

I failed in Physics theory and practical too? Are these two subjects to count for ATKT?

No. One Subject means either theory or practical or oral separately, if failure is only in one head, OR taken together ,if failure is in more than one head of the same subject. Means, if one fails in Physics theory and practical both, it is only one subject OR one fails only in practical and passes in theory, still it is one subject.

What is the rule of awarding class for Diploma in engineering?

Normally, class for Diploma is awarded on the aggregate marks obtained at pre final and final semester both taken together, i.e. For three years Di[ploma Course , class is awarded on the aggregate marks obtained at 5th semester and 6th semester taken together, irrespective of the class awarded at individual semester.

When can I apply for Improvement of class?

You can apply for Improvement of class only when you pass all semesters fully. You can apply and appear within one year i.e. in immediate next two examinations, for which you have to apply and obtain permission from Regional Office of MSBTE.

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