Joining of Dr. Abhay Wagh as Director, MSBTE (Marathi) (112KB)

Circular regarding 2nd Academic Monitoring 2014-15

Change in schedule of Academic Monitoring (Marathi) (579KB)

Circular regarding filling up institute information for 2nd Academic Monitoring 2014-15 in Online Academic Monitoring Software and List of Institute with courses. (Marathi) (1.04MB)

Appeal to send information for MSBTE Newsletter, January 2015 (English) (29KB)

Academic Calendar 2014-15 Second Semester (Marathi) (358KB)

MSBTE invites proposals for conducting “MSBTE Project Competitions 2014-15” to be held in March 2015 (English) (933KB)

Conformation of Institute Information of all AICTE/ Pharmacy/ Non-AICTE to be printed in Information Brochure 2014-15 (Marathi) (1.82MB)

Letter regarding First Academic Monitoring 2014-15 (Marathi) (473KB)

Circular regarding online corrections in ENROLLMENT data (Name, DOB & Photo with signature). (Marathi) (235KB)

Prime Minister’s address to School Children on 5th September 2014 at 3pm (English) (760KB)

Workshop on National Skills Qualifications Framework at Govt. College of Engineering and Research, Avasari, Dist- Pune on 22-09-2014 (Marathi) (235KB)

Appeal to send information for MSBTE Newsletter October 2014 (English) (105KB)

Regarding staff approval proposals submitted to MSBTE. (Marathi) (749KB)

Remarks of Academic Monitoring (Academic Year 2013-14) with discrepancies, strengths & weaknesses

Hearing schedule for all AICTE, Pharmacy and Non AICTE institutes having POOR performance in Academic Monitoring 2013-14

Academic Calender 2014-15

Institute having Poor remarks in 2nd Academic Monitoring 2013-14

Lab Manual distribution for Odd semester of 2014-15

Project Competitions 2013-14 Project Winners and Runnerup